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What is CitizenGO?

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens who work together, using online petitions and action alerts as a resource, to defend and promote life, family, and liberty. We work to ensure that those in power respect human dignity and individuals rights.

Do you want to change the world? Thousands of like-minded people will help you!

With CitizenGO's online petition platform, you are able to send your petition to decision makers in local, national, and international government bodies and businesses. Likeminded individuals from all over the world will join you in winning your cause.

Where is CitizenGO located?

CitizenGO is all over the world. We offer campaigns in 11 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, Croatian, Hungarian, Dutch and Slovak. We influence institutions, governments and organizations in 50 different countries.

The headquarters of CitizenGO is located in Madrid, but we have team members located in fifteen cities on three continents. Technology makes it possible to cooperate in a “virtual (international) office.” CitizenGO’s work is only possible thanks to a large network of thousands of volunteers all over the world.

How is CitizenGO financed?

CitizenGO is wholly financed through small online donations made by thousands of citizens throughout the world.

Under no circumstances does CitizenGO accept financial support from public institutions or private entities. You will not find ads on CitizenGO.

Who is the CitizenGO team?

The team is made up of social leaders and experts on themes such as family, life, and liberty. We are multidisciplinary and stretched across the world.

CitizenGO's Board of Trustees is composed of Ignacio Arsuaga, Blanca Escobar, Luca Volonte, Brian Brown, Gualberto García and Carlos Polo.

What are CitizenGO's core values?

CitizenGO is not only different in its goals, but also by the way it tries to reach them, and the way it interacts with society. These are our core values:

  • Innovation. CitizenGO is passionate in developing new ways for citizens to participate in public discourse. Innovation allows us to provide a vehicle to boost citizen activism for those seeking to bring change in their communities by utilizing the newest tools the internet has to offer.
  • Transparency. Open and honest communication with everyone makes CitizenGO a good leader. CitizenGO also administers its resources with transparency. CitizenGO wants to be an exemplary organization, guided in everything with this value in mind.
  • Agility. CitizenGO quickly takes actions on issues that matter most to its members: right to life, marriage and family, religious liberty, and human dignity.
  • Credibility and Commitment. CitizenGO strives to be truthful in everything we do. Even if we make an error, we will work to rectify it immediately. We will not knowingly publish false information.
  • Charity. CitizenGO is different because it puts people, their dignity, their potential, and their expectations in the center of its activities. For CitizenGO, each person is unique and deserves individual respect and consideration.

    CitizenGO manages its relations with groups (teams, community of members, institutions, press, suppliers…) treating people as free and valued individuals.

  • Independence. CitizenGO is the shared result of the entire community of its supporters and volunteers. It does not depend on any organization, political party, company, or lobby group. And it is this independence that guarantees its credibility and the effectiveness of its mission. The way CitizenGO acts makes it clear that its criteria and decisions do not depend on anything other than its community of members.
  • Passion. CitizenGO is distinguished by its conviction. CitizenGO cherishes the work it does. It believes it is acting for the good of society and that changing the world can be an exciting venture. Interest groups will be able to perceive the way CitizenGO manages its affairs as indicative of its special way of doing things.
  • Rationality. CitizenGO differentiates itself from other groups in seeking truth by way of reason. It does not resort to ideological dogmas or formulas to communicate the causes on which it acts. Everything CitizenGO proposes has its basis in science, law, and anthropology. Interest groups should see that CitizenGO is a rational organization that acts and communicates reasonably.

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